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Online Training University for Law Enforcement

Your one-stop shop for free and paid specialized law enforcement training programs.  Don't rely on your agency to make you successful!  Take control of your own future and invest in yourself!  Membership is restricted to ACTIVE/VERIFIED Law Enforcement, Certain Military and Intelligence Personnel.  
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Secure Online Community

No more issues with social media policies, online security and political censorship because of what you do.  The Triple I Solutions' Online LE University comes with a FREE secure community platform where members can interact with other members without the fear of violating social media policies and actually learn from each other and the platform itself. 

Free Learning Modules

Our FREE Learning Modules are available to all members to assist in improving their skill set by providing problem solving solutions in video format and discussions.  Videos are updated regularly in recorded and livestream formats.  You have a question about a topic, you can search the video library and find your answer!  It's THAT simple! 

Free Specialized Training Videos

As a member, you can take advantage of the FREE content offered through the Triple I Solutions' Online LE University.  No matter your position in law enforcement, the knowledge you gain through this platform will be beneficial to your continued growth and success in the law enforcement field.  

Subscriptions & Training Courses

Members can take advantage of additional paid subscription modules and certificate based specialized training courses in an On-Demand format.  When you purchase a course, you have it forever as long as you remain an active/free member of the Online University.  Did we mention membership is FREE?

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Our courses are available to law enforcement officers, support personnel and intelligence analysts from local, state, federal and military.
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